Strategic Partners
We refer to as a Vuka Community…
Vuka Transformation
Tanya Cruz Teller
Founder of
Spaciousness Works
Areas of focus: Appreciative Inquiry summits, convening design, and International Intercultural Management. Co-author: “Thriving Women, Thriving World: An Invitation To Dialogue, Healing And Inspired Actions”.
Stephen Read
Senior Associate at
Spaciousness Works
Areas of focus: Convening, Appreciative Inquiry summits and men's transformation. Experience developing inclusive, intercultural strategies in multiple countries.
Richard Hawkes
Founder & CEO,
Growth River
Areas of focus: business expert & specializing in leading transformational change roadmaps. Author of “Navigate the Swirl: 7 Conversations for Business Transformation”.
Everett Darby
Partner & Senior Consultant
Growth River
Areas of focus: Innovation, Change Management, Product, Business Leaders, and Team Development. He spent 30 years in various executive leadership roles with The Coca-Cola Company and NutraSweet.
Vuka Impact
Lawrence Ellis
Founder of
One Thriving Planet
Areas of focus: accelerating solutions for a sustainable, regenerative, equitable, just, and disruptive, thriving world for all.
Elin Perttu
Founder of
Moveo Consulting
Areas of focus: Enabling change and supporting leaders across Europe, Asia, and North America. She is our liaison with the Inner Development Goals.
Chris Powell
Areas of focus: Integrated approach to align purpose and mission via people and metrics. Measuring for social progress and impact. Chris is our “dot connector”and measures all that we do.
Vuka Leadership
Liz Guthridge
Founder of
Connect Consulting Group
Areas of focus: neuroleadership, vertical learning approaches, communication expert. Named to leadersHum Top 200 Biggest Voices in Leadership in 2023.
Jose Humphreys
Founder & Chief Collaborator at
Mosaic Collaborative
Areas of focus: Trauma-informed executive, conflict resolution, and spiritual mindset consultant and coach. Author: ” Ecosystems of Jubilee: Economic Ethics for the Neighborhood”.
Ilene Wasserman, Ph.D.
Founder of
ICW Consulting Group
Areas of focus: Organizational consulting, change management, leadership development and executive coaching. Ilene is a Senior Fellow of the Wharton Leadership Institute, a Fellow of both the Taos Institute and serves on the Board of the Lewin Center, of the CMM Institute and is a Member of NTL.
Jeremy Henderson-Teelucksingh
Founder of
Indigo Path Collective
Areas of focus: Strategic values innovator and visionary workplace wellness leader. He drives impactful change in integrated behavioral health through technology & collaboration. He leads our leadership values Labs.