Our Services


A dynamic convening design and facilitation for conferences and event design for human & culturally-integrated learning

Keynotes / Facilitation

Narrative storytelling for panels and presentations designed to motivate, engage, and ignite through passion, vision, and values. We use dialogue and personal narrative as a way to ignite learning

Leadership Development & Executive Coaching

Customized learning journeys for executives, change leaders, middle managers, teams, and the whole system.

  1. The LAB: Leading Transformation Journey
  1. Lighthouse Labs ( Executives Leaders and Change Team)
  2. Horizon Labs (Manager’s Development Program)
  3. Humanity Labs ( Whole System Learning Labs)
  1. Team acceleration ( Functional/Department team development)
  2. Shifting Organizational Culture and Climate
  3. Global Business Mindset, Cross-Cultural Communications, Strategic DEI, Global Women Leadership,
  4. Impact & Progress: Sustainment Activity Development and Measurement.