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Mercedes Martin & Co., powered by VUKA Collective, is a visionary consultancy at the forefront of sustainable leadership and organizational transformation. With a diverse team of interdisciplinary experts, boasting over 30 years of collective experience, we specialize in guiding personal, organizational, team, social, and planetary transformation.

Our Learning Framework and Learning Labs provide the roadmap for comprehensive system-wide change, bridging the gap between traditional business leadership strategies and a new paradigm that emphasizes well-being, belonging, collective growth, and multiple bottom-line focus.


Transforming Leadership to Embrace Innovation, Navigate Change, and Drive Organizations Toward Future Success in an Ever-Changing Global Landscape.

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Mercedes Martin, Founder and CEO of Mercedes Martin & Co., leads this dynamic organization with a rich and diverse background. As a former US Air Force Officer and Corporate Executive, she brings unique perspectives to leadership development, change management, consulting, executive coaching, and global diversity. Mercedes employs the power of storytelling, metaphors, and archetypes to delve into the intricate political, social, and economic dimensions of these subjects, offering invaluable cultural insights to organizations and leaders.

Mercedes, a Cuban-born Afro-Latina originally from Miami, Florida has spent the majority of her career working globally while based in Northern California, Mercedes boasts an impressive client roster that includes Fortune 50 companies such as Fluke, Twitter, MasterCard, and Swire Properties. She has played a pivotal role in global gender and diversity initiatives spanning Latin America, West Africa, Canada, and the US.

Mercedes holds esteemed certifications, including MEECO Master Corporate Executive Coach, 360 Assessment Coaching from CCL, and Executive Coaching from Result Coaching Systems. She is an active participant in LEAP!, a member of the PRME Working Group on the Sustainability Mindset, and the Cambridge Sustainability Cohort. Her contributions to the Global OLDN Zimbabwe Transformational Framework have earned her recognition, and she serves on the Advisory Board of the FIU Executive Women Program. Mercedes is also a respected expert panelist for GDEIB and has co-authored works such as "Rewiring the Leadership Mindset for a Preferred Future in a Post-Covid World," in addition to contributing numerous articles on Sustainability benchmarks. Stay tuned for her upcoming book, "Navigating Human-Centered Design for Business Transformation: Rewiring the Leadership Mindset."


Powered by The VUKA Collective

Creating a Preferred Future:
Our 3 Guiding Principles

Mercedes Martin & Co. specializes in crafting a powerful roadmap for organizations seeking transformation. Our journey begins with an in-depth assessment of your current landscape, helping us identify your unique strengths and opportunities. From there, we co-create a visionary path forward, aligning your organization with sustainable leadership principles and holistic well-being. Throughout this transformational voyage, we provide unwavering support, offering invaluable insights, strategies, and resources. Together, we'll build a roadmap that propels your organization towards a brighter, more prosperous, and sustainable future.

Rewiring Leadership Mindset & Heartset

A transformative journey in leadership. Cultivate sustainable practices, adapt to evolving business dynamics, and enhance skills for enduring success in a changing world.

Human And Planetary-Centered Culture Transformation

We help you foster sustainable, inclusive organizational environments that prioritize well-being for both people and the planet.

Creating a Preferred Future

We specialize in guiding the development of a clear purpose for impact, enabling organizations to articulate their transformative goals with precision and purpose.

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Mercedes Martin & Company specializes in executive coaching and leadership development, with a primary focus on rewiring the leadership mindset for future-focused transformation.

After conducting a comprehensive multi-year longitudinal study spanning 16 industries, five countries, and involving 20 senior leaders, we have distilled the essential elements for achieving sustainable transformation. Our distinctive methodology, encompassing the "5 shifts" and practical approaches, provides leaders with a robust foundation, particularly in an era where they are expected to provide clarity even amid uncertainty.

We specialize in rewiring the leadership mindset through a human-centered design approach tailored for business transformation. Rewiring the leadership mindset refers to the process of helping leaders adapt to the rapidly changing business landscape by reshaping their thinking, behaviors, and strategies to better meet future challenges and opportunities.

Future-focused transformation involves preparing leaders and organizations for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead by navigating a human and planetary-centered approach.

Our approach emphasizes the importance of both "soft" skills and tangible business results. Addressing mindset, culture, and strategy leads to an inclusive, empathetic, and sustainable work environment, which enhances employee well-being, productivity, and ultimately, the bottom line. The holistic approach aims to balance both human and financial aspects of organizations.

A "lab" differs from a traditional "workshop" by its emphasis on interactive, hands-on, and immersive learning experiences. Labs allow deeper exploration, experimentation, and practical application of concepts. They foster innovative thinking and a more dynamic learning environment compared to conventional workshops.

While DEI is vital, our approach is broader, encompassing leadership mindset, organizational culture, and sustainability. We focus on cultivating future-ready leaders with a heart, human, and planet-centric mindset, involving empathy, collaboration, environmental sustainability, and DEI principles.

We work across various industries and sectors, as our coaching and leadership development principles can be applied universally. Our expertise spans from  biotech, foundations/philanthropy, tech, real estate development , finance, and more.

Bringing the board and leadership on board involves clear communication about benefits, alignment with strategic goals, and demonstrating the positive impact on engagement, innovation, and bottom-line results. We offer tailored advising and coaching to support leaders in understanding and embracing our approach. Accountability is crucial. We emphasize its importance in our approach, working closely with leaders to set clear expectations, measure progress, and provide ongoing support and coaching. 

Absolutely! At Mercedes Martin & Company, we understand that each client is unique, and we tailor our executive coaching and development programs to meet your specific needs and goals. Whether you prefer in-person sessions, virtual meetings, or a hybrid approach, we can adapt to your preferences and circumstances.

The duration of an executive coaching or development program with Mercedes Martin & Company can vary depending on your specific objectives and needs. We understand that every client is unique, and the timeline will be determined collaboratively. We work closely with you to establish a timeframe that aligns with your goals and expectations.

We understand the confusion surrounding the use of "Vuka" with a 'k'. It represents a deliberate shift from the concept of VUCA to "Vuka," meaning "to awaken" or "to arise" in Zulu. This change symbolizes our commitment to transformative change and the idea that words have the power to evolve and shape the future.

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Success Stories
" I would highly recommend Mercedes Martin and Co. "

if you are looking for an awesome coaching team! After being introduced to Mercedes and her team by a colleague in 2020, I have worked with them on multiple projects, including leadership development programming, individual and group coaching, diversity and inclusion initiative planning, and focus group facilitation. Mercedes and Liz are advisors who meet with me regularly to offer insights, listen to my challenges, and provide direction. They have a profound understanding of people, business, and systems that allows them to see, analyze, and address the bigger picture. Mercedes and team also have connections to a vast array of industry experts and can always provide me with top-notch global referrals from their network. To say that Mercedes Martin and Co. have been outstanding partners would be an understatement; they exceed my expectations and are always willing to go above and beyond to ensure our success. I am grateful for their partnership.

Rachel MacDonald
Sr. Manager, IDE, Fluke Corporation
" Always exude amazing authenticity, confidence "

After following her work for over 2 years, I had the first exploratory encounter with Mercedes in June 2022. The meeting led to a number of succeeding interactions and her invaluable support to our community. Mercedes always exude amazing authenticity, confidence, positivity, and dynamism. Her rich Keynote presentation, at the OLDN 2022 International Conference, and her work on whole system change and sustainable equity informs a huge part of our philosophical orientation. Mercedes’ work and sessions are highly rated, fascinating, and generative. She is an exemplary coach, mentor, and Transformational Change & Development Practitioner, whose positive influence is evident in Zimbabwe, across Africa, and globally.

Dr. Justine Chinoperekweyi
CEO, Centre for Organization Leadership & Development (COLD), Zimbabwe
" An extension of our leadership team "

Mercedes Martin & Co has been working with Swire Properties USA for approximately three years. We first engaged Mercedes to facilitate some uncomfortable conversations around race and identity. We quickly realized that Mercedes’s approach and depth of experience made her the perfect fit for coaching and development of our leadership team, both as a group facilitator and an individual coach. Today, Mercedes, along with her team of coaches and consultants, provides a range of services to Swire Properties including leadership coaching, consultation to our President and myself, planning and facilitation of departmental team development, as well as designing and implementing our development program for up and coming leaders. Mercedes has become an extension of our leadership team and has had a significant impact on Company productivity through her successful initiatives that have made us a more cohesive team.

SVP, People & Operations, Swire Properties