Welcome to Mercedes Martin & Co.

A beacon of transformation in leadership and business practices. I, Mercedes Martin, am honored to guide you through our transformative journey.

As a Cuban-born native of Miami, Florida, who has spent the majority of her career living in Northern California and working globally bring unconventional experiences. From my Air Force background to corporate leadership roles worldwide, I merge business strategies with a global mindset, social impact focus and human-centered transformation; aiming for a future where organizations operate as catalysts for positive change.

Our mission at Mercedes Martin & Co., together with our strategic partners, the VUKA Collective, is to co-design this journey by rewiring the leadership mindset, shifting culture, and preparing for the future. We advocate for curiosity, courage, care, and commitment, challenging traditional paradigms.

As an expert panelist for the Global Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Benchmarks (GDEIB), and co-author of "Rewiring the Leadership Mindset for a Preferred Future in a Post-Covid World," I contribute to thought leadership. Certified as a MEECO Master Corporate Executive Coach and in various coaching methodologies. As a member of the PRME Working Group on the Sustainability Mindset, and the Cambridge Sustainability Cohort, our work aligns with UN Sustainable Development Goals and is recognized in the Global OLDN Transformational Framework Handbook.

Stay tuned for my upcoming book, "Rewiring the Leadership Mindset, Navigating Human-Centered Design for Business Transformation."

At Mercedes Martin & Co., we're prepared to partner with you to navigate today's complexities. Let's redefine leadership and reshape mindsets for a future that values both prosperity and planetary well-being.

Welcome aboard,
Mercedes Martin


Our Vision

We envision a social, economic, and environmentally sustainable world where organizations and their leaders champion inclusion, collaboration, and innovation, foster a human-centered approach, and embark ontransformative journeys with significant social impact.


Our Mission

Our mission is to develop leaders and organizations to effectively navigate and address the complex dilemmas in today’s business environment, prioritizing a human-centered focus and embracing transformative journeys with meaningful social impact.

Meet Our Strategic Partners - The Vuka Collective: